Los Gatos Therapy Center is a multidisciplinary mental health group comprised of Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Advanced Practitioners, Psychologists and Therapists. Our patient-focused approach identifies and responds to the needs of the individual where members of various disciplines collaborate and coordinate their activity in order to correctly diagnose our patients, providing them with effective treatment options which help individuals to participate in decision making to improve their health.

We are structured to offer comprehensive mental health services in one convenient organization, spanning over multiple locations. Our approach eliminates patient’s need to find and interact with different individual practitioners, reducing various logistical challenges in coordination of care, exchanging health information or coordinated handling of crisis situations.

Our group is contracted with most major behavioral health insurance networks and we are proud to offer a true continuity of care. Whether the employer changes the insurance carrier, the patient changes jobs, or purchases an individual plan directly from the carrier or from coveredca.com, we are focused on continuation of already established therapeutic relationship between the patient and their provider.

Our providers are trained to recognize, assess, and manage a variety of mental health conditions as part of an integrated health network. We are able to combine counseling skills and psychotherapeutic techniques with natural pharmacotherapy for a holistic mental health approach to care.

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TMS – Remission from Depression